6 Shopping Tips And Tricks

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Before you go shopping, I want you to think about the last time you wore something that really looked good on you. I mean, this outfit fit perfectly and was just your style. When you go shopping, I want you to remember how that felt and remember that it is better to have a few items that make you look your best than an entire closet full of clothes that are only so-so. This is the time to find clothes that you LOVE.

1. Know what you are willing to splurge on and what items to save on. Coats, blazers and purses are good investment pieces that you like likely wear for several years.

2. Wear makeup. You will get more respect from the salespeople and you will have a better idea how the outfit will look on you.

3. Bring a hairbrush or wear a hat. After you try on a bunch of clothes, your hair always gets messy. Be prepared.

4. If you plan a big shopping day, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

5. Shop consignment shops, outlet malls and discount stores first. They frequently have high-quality designer pieces for fantastic prices.

6. Just because it is cheap does not mean you should buy it. Just because an item is expensive doesn’t mean you should buy it either. Remember, your first priority is to build a wardrobe in your own unique chic style.

Have fun shopping,

Style & Beauty