Creating Cozy Unique Chic Outfits

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Feeling casual, comfortable and fashionable is the holy grail for most women. It is the unattainable goal that we can never quite master. We may know how to dress appropriately for work, church or even yoga, but the real tricky scenario is looking chic while grocery shopping. You know those last-minute errands where think you’ll never see anyone you know, and before you know you are face to face with your boyfriend’s ex!

Dressing “Cozy Unique Chic” is that fuzzy area between workout wear and date night clothes. Follow these tips to strike the right balance.

1. Pay attention to your proportions. Wearing a baggy top with baggy pants WILL make you look frumpy.

  • If you are wearing an over-sized top, then you will need to wear close-fitting pants.
  • If you are wearing baggy pants, then make sure to wear a fitted top.

2. Your shoes should match your activity. Wear running shoes when you are actually running. Otherwise, change into a comfortable, fashionable alternative like ballet flats, sandals or riding boots.

3. If your garment is worn out or torn, be careful! You need to make sure that the rest of your outfit is top-notch and a little edgy. If you are going to wear a worn or torn piece, make sure you only wear one per outfit. You want to make sure that you can tell that you choose to wear those ripped jeans - not that they were the only pants you have. Adding a cute jacket, a nice purse and an edgy piece of jewelry will usually do the trick.

4. Have an “I gotta run to the store” plan. Make sure that you have a great coat, a hat and a scarf that you can throw on at a moment’s notice. The jacket can cover whatever you are wearing; the hat can hide your “bad hair day” hair, and the scarf is the quickest way to add a little style to your outfit.

Never forget the Cozy Unique Chic Principle: a well-dress woman will always strive to have a great hair cut, an expensive “looking” purse and cute shoes. They really make all the difference in the world (that and some really good chocolate).

So the next time you are looking in your closet for a chic outfit, remember that it can be cozy and unique too!

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