How To Make A Breakfast Menu That Your Family Will Love!

How To Make A Breakfast Menu That Your Family Will Love!

Breakfast prep taking too long? Looking to speed up your morning routine? You're in luck because my easy step by step guide to making a breakfast menu is exactly what you are looking for.

Step 1: Interview

Have your kids and spouse write down their favorite breakfasts.

Another way to do this is to make a list of breakfasts that are easy for you to make and then ask to write their name next to the ones they like.

Be sure to do the same yourself.

Step 2: Refine

Now that you know what everyone likes, make a list of the meals with multiple votes.

For example: Pancakes - Janet, Amelia

Step 3: Pick Seven Meals

When assigning meals to the days of the week,  keep track of what you have planned for each day of the week.

For example: if you have soccer practice on Tuesday than you will probably want to have a fast and easy breakfast like Bacon & Eggs.

However, if it is a day with not much planned you could put a meal like a fresh baked quiche or homemade pancakes that takes just a little more time.

Try to keep meals that are similar to each other farthest apart from each other during the week. (You can also plan two weeks of meals, but that is up to you.)

Step 4: Add Allergy Notes

Trust me, I know there is nothing worse than finishing breakfast only to remember someone is allergic or intolerant to one of the ingredients. 

To avoid this struggle, be sure to write down any allergies your family members have next to meals that you will need to nix because of their allergy or note that you have to make them a separate batch.

Example: Isabelle can't eat dairy, make her a separate batch of baked PB & J oatmeal using banana as the binder instead of egg.

Step 5: Write It Down Or Print It

Now it is time to write it down on paper, print it or add it to a note app on your phone.

I personally like to magnet my handwritten menu to the freezer door of my fridge for easy access.

Congrats, you just made a breakfast menu that all of your family will love and perfectly fits your schedule.

How To Make A Breakfast Menu That Your Family Will Love!