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  • Want to start brewing your own kombucha but maintaining your brew seems like daunting task? In our Kombucha Basics series will show you that keeping your kombucha healthy and happy is actually really simple! You just need the right tools, a little time, and a little love.

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  • Welcome back to our Kombucha Basics series! Today I will be teaching you all about the second ferment! This part of the process is what makes kombucha fizzy and carbonated!

    How to tell if your kombucha is ready to bottle

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  • Hello and welcome to part two of the Water Kefir Series, I am Isabelle and I will be your teacher and water kefir buddy in this series! Today I will be telling you how to flavor water kefir to make a healthy treat (that tastes almost too good to be healthy).

    How To FLAVOR Water Kefir
  • In this article I will teach you how to make water kefir and if you follow me on social media you’ll know that I have been making water kefir like crazy after an amazing neighbor gifted us with some grains.

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