What Is A Harvest Exchange And How Can I Participate?

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We are so excited about the second Harvest Exchange hosted at the Viola Community Center. With this event you can bring something you have an abundance of and come back with something you love, it’s an amazing deal.

What is a Harvest Exchange and how can I participate?

The Harvest Exchange is barter/trading event held on the fourth Thursday of every month in Summer and Fall. 

You bring in your abundance of produce, ferments, honey, jams, flowers, eggs, or any surplus items that you create or grow on your homestead, garden or farm and you will receive points that you can use to pick out produce in trade. This means less food waste and more yum!

You are welcome to bring a variety of harvested items, including any extras such as produce, baked goods, homemade dressings, herbs, fruit, flowers, microgreens, etc.

The best part is this is a fully family-friendly event. We will have light refreshments and game tables.

Mark your calandar!

August 26th 6pm-7pm.

Semptember 23rd, 6pm-7pm.

Octomber 28th, 6pm-7pm.

Location: Viola Community Center

Let us know you are attending on the Facebook event or commenting below!

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